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Eco Friendly Materials

Every little bit of effort adds up to a lot in helping to protect our world. A selection of eco focused materials that help offset the carbon footprint are available to help make the transition towards a truly clean environment a little bit easier.

Recycled PETG

Made from 100% recycled material

An ideal substitute to PETG and PVC

Reduces the need for new first-use plastic

The use of recycled PETG helps to greatly minimise the amount of new plastic introduced. PETG is itself a more environmentally friendly form of plastic.

eco RPG web.png


Utilises a biodegradable and naturally occurring plant extract

Enhances the rate of decomposition after disposal of the product

Use of biodegradable materials results in significantly improved waste management

Incorporating biodegradable materials into the product aids in reducing the carbon footprint during product production.

eco LPG web.png

Wood Pulp

Sustainable sources of wood pulp are introduced into the card material

Good balance between material performance and carbon offsetting

Reduces use of first-use PVC, placing less stress on the environment

Incorporating wood pulp is another way to help reduce the carbon footprint. It is also important that these materials come from sustainable sources.

eco wood web.png

Coffee Grinds

Made using recovered coffee grinds to reduce the amount of new PVC

Provides a good compromise between material performance and plastic reduction

Recovered coffee grinds are a convenient and readily accessible material

Any method to offset the product production carbon footprint is a choice worth considering.

eco coffee web.png
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