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Instant Issuance

Credit Card

Instant Issuance solutions are ideal for addressing small-medium scale, distributed card personalisation and issuance needs. A centrally-hosted system monitors, manages and delegates card personalisation tasks to designated endpoint sites.

A typical deployment scenario can involve a cardholder approaching an issuer branch to pick up a card that will be issued while that cardholder waits. This on-demand issuance can help issuers manage card distribution, emergency replacement, VIP issuance and other cardholder card services needs.

Quick Issuance

  • Instantly issue cards

  • Address cardholder needs

  • Easy to deploy

Service Effect

  • High level of user acceptance

  • Enhance customer service levels

  • Instantly deliver card services

Market Effect

  • Elevate branding

  • Bolster customer affinity

  • Increase customer loyalty

Business Impact

  • Rapidly acquire new customers

  • Increase customer service throughput

  • Meet dynamic issuance needs

4 Simple Steps To Issue Card Within Minutes


1. Digital Onboarding

Customer self-application via smartphone. Issuer field teams can acquire customers via tablets.


2. Approval

Application sent to bank host for approval process.


3. Production File

Goldpac Issuance Suite prepares the production file for card issuance.


4. Card Personalization

Production file sent to Instant Issuance printer through leased line for personalization.

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