Goldpac Issuance Suite

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The ability to quickly acquire new customers and instantly issue financial payment cards whether debit, credit or ATM gives issuers a highly competitive way to capitalize on potential market opportunities. Whether performing account application, issuance of a new card or replacement of an existing card, the increased levels of service quality and convenience offered will be felt and appreciated by potential and existing cardholders alike.



  • Different market segments

  • Multiple locations

  • Customer acquisition

  • Card issuance and distribution


  • Simultaneous, multiple site operation

  • Centrally managed and monitored

  • Self-service kiosk, desktop, and bureau equipment supported


  • Dynamically and quickly control card issuance points

  • Self-service kiosks help triage in-branch traffic

  • Reduce card issuance costs

  • Reach a wide target demographic


Goldpac Issuance Suite Components


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