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Goldpac Issuance Suite

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The ability to quickly acquire new customers and instantly issue financial payment cards whether debit, credit or ATM gives issuers a highly competitive way to capitalize on potential market opportunities. Whether performing account application, issuance of a new card or replacement of an existing card, the increased levels of service quality and convenience offered will be felt and appreciated by potential and existing cardholders alike.


  • Different market segments

  • Multiple locations

  • Customer acquisition

  • Card issuance and distribution


  • Simultaneous, multiple site operation

  • Centrally managed and monitored

  • Self-service kiosk, desktop, and bureau equipment supported


  • Dynamically and quickly control card issuance points

  • Self-service kiosks help triage in-branch traffic

  • Reduce card issuance costs

  • Reach a wide target demographic

Goldpac Issuance Suite Components


Goldpac Issuance Suite

  • A highly flexible and adaptable system to centrally manage a network of remotely located card personalization equipment.

  • Provide highly secure instant issuance services from any location.

  • Built using industrial-grade technologies used at Goldpac personalization bureaus.


Data Preparation

  • Converts raw cardholder data into standards-based, compliant data in a format ready for personalization.

  • Accepts any input file format and can be adapted to generate any standards-based output file format to suit the needs of a variety of industry sectors.


Personalization Workflow Supervisor

  • An operations management module designed exclusively for the purpose of managing and organizing personalization tasks.

  • It is a job scheduler, data dispatcher, shipping and mailing management and status monitoring tool rolled into one.


Key Management System

  • A highly integrated secure hardware and software module that is used to manage the lifecycle of the security keys used throughout the system.

  • In addition to key generation, offers SDA computation, 3DES key diversification and RSA signature calculation and verification.


Instant Issuance Module

  • Provides support for classic distributed card issuance capabilities allowing issuers to issue cards at a remote location.

  • Can be used in conjunction with an existing Goldpac Instant Issuance deployment or setup and run in parallel as a new instance.


Onboarding Module

  • Built in accordance with local market and issuer requirements, it handles the process of consumer data collection as part of a customer acquisition deployment process.

  • Can support a number of different eKYC options and implementations.


Endpoint Driver Modules

  • These are tightly integrated software communication modules that drive personalization endpoint equipment.

  • A variety of different 3rd party endpoint equipment are supported in addition to the custom kiosk drivers included in the solution.


Endpoint Management System

  • A supervisory and monitoring system that tracks the operation and status of a fleet of kiosks and endpoint equipment. 

  • It can report a number of equipment parameters* including consumable levels, system health as well as card stock levels.

* Actual number and type of data reported varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.


Endpoint Equipment

  • The Goldpac Issuance Suite can interface with a variety of personalization equipment types to suite both performance and budget needs.

  • The solution can simultaneously work with production-grade, desktop, portable and also kiosk card issuance equipment.

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