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To provide a comprehensive secure payment solution deployment, we can also provide a range of commonly used add-on devices. Smart Point Of Sales terminals and QR Code readers are typical devices we can provide.



Every sales transaction is very important to businesses. With the Goldpac Intelligent Financial Terminal you can accept universal payment schemes on a handheld point-of-sale (POS) terminal. Its capabilities allow acceptance of Magnetic, IC, Contactless and NFC payment methods allowing you to provide the most flexible payment experience to your valuable customers.


QR Code Scanner

The Goldpac QR Code Scanner supports scanning of all one dimensional and two dimensional codes in a lightweight and durable form factor. Its top facing scanning window provides an easy user experience and precise scanning performance. Its minimal design seamlessly adapts to any retail environment.

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We serve markets across the Asia Pacific region, parts of Europe and the United States.
Our offices are located in Hong Kong, the Philippines and Vietnam.

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