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Card Technologies

Address unique market needs with sophisticated and advanced technologies. Capture niche market opportunities or create new market segments.

Biometric card

The Future Of Payment Cards

Equipped with both the convenience of contactless payment and the high security levels of fingerprint authentication, the Goldpac Biometric Payment Card represents the next generation of payment cards technology.

Fingerprint Technology_REVISED FA-2 chip

Secured Payment On Your Fingertip

  • Security - Fingerprint authentication used instead of PIN or signature

  • Privacy - Storage and matching of fingerprint template on the biometric card

  • Convenient - Easy and quick payment with <1s per transaction

Temperature Sensitive Card

The Innovation Of Payment Cards

The temperature sensitive card is a simple and practical application of thermochromic inks. It can be used as an indicator of body temperature(1) when the sensing area is pressed against the forehead. After 15-20 seconds(2), the relative temperature will be displayed as a colored bar on the cart.


Temperature Sensitive

The card body surface finishing is specially tuned to react to a temperature of between 35.5°C and 39°C making it a handy pocket indicator of relative body temperature.

Using The Card

The card is extremely easy to use and requires only 15-20 seconds to take a reading.

  1. Ensure that there are no color bars on the indicator chart.

  2. Press the sensing area flat against the forehead.

  3. Hold for 15-20 seconds.

  4. The relative skin temperature will be indicated.

Picture 3.png

(1) The temperature is approximate to within +/-0.5°C. Readings are meant to be indicative. The card does not replace the use of medical-grade temperature reading equipment.
(2) Environmental factors may affect reading accuracy.

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