In-house Personalisation

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For issuers requiring large scale, large volume card personalization, an in-house solution is often a good option. By centralising personalization operations within the issuer’s premises, control and security can be easily managed.

A robust personalisation system is needed to keep track of and properly synchronise personalization tasks. This is particularly important if fulfilment services (lettering and enveloping) are required as mailing address(es) and their corresponding and cards must be perfectly matched. The system must also be able to ensure that no duplicate cards are produced and that all raw materials used are accounted for and audited.



  • Centralising personalization operations

  • Fully controlled and maintained by the issuer

  • Varieties of personalization equipments supported


  • Dynamically and quickly control card issuance points

  • Secure operation within issuer's premises

  • Scalable solution

  • Reduce mailing cost

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Full In-House Control

Built on Goldpac Issuance Suite, our In-House Personalization Solution provides services from on-boarding to the dispatch of the finished cards. Covering data and key management, process monitoring and reporting, Goldpac's In-House Personalization Solution is a real end-to-end solution for banks and other financial institutions.


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