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Self-service Banking Kiosks

Take advantage of the advances in new kiosk technologies to streamline card issuance programs and flows. Allow consumers to address their card issuance needs self-service, at their own convenience. Deploy kiosks to reduce costs of delivering cards or increase operating efficiency in-branch.

A wide variety of kiosks issuing a number of card types from banking and social welfare cards to loyalty and SIM cards are available. Self-service kiosk endpoints are managed and monitored centrally by the Goldpac Issuance Suite and gives issuers full control over deployment operational details.



Photo Booth Card Issuer

The STP002-B is built with an enclosed photo booth to ensure accurate and consistent photo capture for cards issued with photos.

  • Reliable and repeatable photo quality.

  • 6(x100 card) hoppers for 780 card capacity.

  • Equipped with 300dpi thermal color printer and A4 laser paper printer.



Standard Card Issuance Design

The SCE302-A is a robust and reliable kiosk built for standard card dispensing scenarios.

  • 1(x100 card) hopper.

  • 1,000 card drum module.

  • Thermal printing.



Dynamic, High Volume Dispenser

The SCE301 is a high-volume card dispensing and embossing kiosk, ideal for applications with multiple card designs, making it a versatile card issuance tool.

  • 6(x100 card) hoppers for 600 card capacity.

  • Built-in 400-card drum hopper.

  • Thermal printing and embossing.

Advanced Desktop Units

Compact, efficient and reliable. Advanced personalization technologies are integrated into the desktop series of personalization units. Easy to operate and fully compatible with all of Goldpac's personalization solutions, these units are a robust and powerful option for on-site card issuance needs.



All-in-one Direct-To-Card Portable Card Printer

The PIE001 does not require an external PC and is designed to operate completely independently. This makes it perfectly suited for both on-site and mobile remote use case scenarios.

  • Built-in PC, all-in-one unit.

  • 100 card capacity.

  • 300dpi thermal printer.


DCE160 top side.png

Reliable Direct-To-Card Desktop Card Printer

Weighing in at less than 5Kg, the DCE160 provides a hassle-free and convenient way to deliver instant card issuance services. Its small footprint requires little space to operate.

  • Light, compact design.

  • 100 card capacity.

  • 300dpi thermal printer.



Medium Volume Retransfer Card Printer

Its compact form factor belies its printing capability. Able to print "over-the-edge", the DCE905 delivers high performance retransfer printing quality.

  • 600dpi, retransfer printer.

  • 200 card input capacity.

  • Optional chip and mag stripe modules.

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