Self-service Banking Kiosks

Take advantage of the advances in new kiosk technologies to streamline card issuance programs and flows. Allow consumers to address their card issuance needs self-service, at their own convenience. Reduce costs of delivering cards or increase operating efficiency in-branch. The ICE 401 and ICE 301 are fully-automated self-service kiosks that can be installed at almost any location. Self-service kiosk endpoints are managed and monitored centrally by the Goldpac Issuance Suite and gives issuers full control over deployment operational details.



Thermal Card Issuer

The ICE 401 is a self-service instant issuance kiosk designed to produce personalization bureau grade smart cards. Embossed and tipped, thermal and indented cards can be produced in as little as 120 seconds.

  • Produce a card in 120 seconds.

  • Storage for up to 6 card designs.

  • 6 hoppers for 600 card capacity.

  • Equipped with 300dpi thermal color printer.



Retransfer Card Issuer

The ACE301 is a robust and reliable kiosk system intended to solve a majority of common card issuance needs. 

  • Produce a card in 120 seconds.

  • Storage for up to 6 card designs.

  • 6 hoopers for 600 card capacity

  • Equipped with 600dpi over-the-egde retransfer color printer



High Volume Dispenser

The ICE 301 is a high-volume card dispensing unit, ideal for large-scale, similar-card type issuance for example prepaid, loyalty or even social welfare cards. 

  • Large storage capacity of 1,000 cards.

  • Dispensing with thermal printing.

  • Easy to use “Identify and Collect” operation.