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About Goldpac Fintech

Goldpac Fintech provides products and solutions that addresses the industry’s diverse needs for secure, and easy to use payment solutions. These solutions cover user onboarding, personalization and payment device issuance systems and kiosks.


Its operations cover a wide range of businesses and sectors from financial services, social security and healthcare, to transport, retail, mobile payment, identity, third-party payment platforms and other security services domains.


Its mission is to promote the widespread adoption of secure payment technologies allowing people everywhere to benefit from the freedom of a safe and convenient payment experience.

How does EMV secure transactions?

An EMV card is virtually impossible to counterfeit. Payment information is stored in a secure chip instead of on a magnetic stripe, and this secure chip is able to perform cryptographic processing during a payment transaction. When EMV cards are personalized, issuers use a specific set of keys. 


To secure card-present transactions, an EMV card has enhanced functionalities for card authentication, cardholder verification and transaction authorization.


To secure card-not-present transactions, EMV smart cards may be used to authenticate online users, through MasterCard Chip Authentication Program (CAP) and Visa Dynamic Passcode Authentication (DPA). A user can insert an EMV credit or debit card into a handheld reader, which in turn will generate a one-time-password (OTP) that will be used during authentication. An OTP removes the incentive for password or PIN code theft, and thus helping curb card-not-present fraud.

What is the level of adoption for EMV worldwide?

EMV enjoys mainstream status worldwide. As of 2018, EMV cards accounted for 92.95% of card-present transactions in Africa and the Middle East; 93.75% in Americas except USA; 68.15% for Asia; 97.34% and 91.82% for Eurozones 1 and 2, respectively and 53.52% in USA.

Percentage of Card-Present Transaction that are EMV​
(with total number of EMV Cards)

** Figures reported as of Q4 2018. Taken from EMVCo Website. Figures do not imply country-by-country statistics.

The US looks certain to migrate to EMV, after mandates in liability shift from Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover, in support of EMV adoption. Financial institutions are committing to EMV migration, a move that has been met with much support after security breaches in 2014 targeting large enterprises reinforced the need for a more secure banking and payment platform in the US.


Philippines and EMV


The Philippines will greatly benefit from compliance to the EMV standard. Since the issuance of Circular No. 808, where the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) mandated the introduction of the secure financial payment card, financial institutions have largely completed the migration from insecure magnetic stripe payment cards to EMV-compliant microprocessor payment devices.


This technology preemptively mitigates the risks of payment card fraud to both consumers and financial institutions. Not only are EMV payment cards more secure, a majority of payment cards issued today are also contactless payment capable. This adds an additional level of top-and-go convenience as more retail outlets begin accepting contactless payment.


Where can I learn more about EMV technology?


For more information on specifications, interoperability advisories, and so forth, visit the EMVCo website. For information on EMV card personalization services catering to your Corporation's needs, email info@goldpacfintech.com.


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