Goldpac Fintech

A Goldpac Group company, Goldpac Fintech provides products and solutions that addresses the industry’s diverse needs for secure, and easy to use payment solutions. These solutions cover user onboarding, personalization and payment device issuance systems and kiosks.

Our operations cover a wide range of businesses and sectors from financial services, social security and healthcare, to transport, retail, mobile payment, identity, third-party payment platforms and other security services domains.

Our mission is to promote the widespread adoption of secure payment technologies allowing people everywhere to benefit from the freedom of a safe and convenient payment experience.

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Goldpac Group

A pioneer in the smart payment industry, Goldpac Group has been an industry leader for over 25 years. Established in 1993, the Group has been expanding and extending its expertise in the secure payment product and solutions industry. Its extensive portfolio of offerings is managed by over 400 Research & Development staff allowing the Group to serve a broad range of industry sectors.


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We serve markets across the Asia Pacific region, parts of Europe and the United States.
Our offices are located in Hong Kong, the Philippines and Vietnam.

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